Valentine’s Day 2018

I love Valentine’s Day; I always have since I was a little kid. It’s right up there with Halloween for me. I have these warm, happy memories and associations that just give me that sappy-as-fuck fuzzy feeling every year. I remember making a valentine for my parents in my kindergarten art class, cutting heart shapes […]

Long Rest

Do you know about spoon theory? Where daily tasks each require a certain number of “spoons” to complete, but you have only so many of said spoons to allocate each day? For gamers, this concept translates fairly well into the principle of spell slots. Well, between the cringe/panic-inducing political climate, unceasing work drama, and various […]

My Gift to You

So, things kind of suck right now. There’s a wee little puppet-man in the White House (emphasis on the “White” nowadays) like he has some kind of right to be there; he’s signing all kinds of papers no one has any business signing; “alternative facts” is now a thing; and there’s been some creepy, insidious censorship […]

…Because Batman

There have been lots of articles popping up about the Safety Pin lately, some positive and some negative. Honestly, I jumped at the chance of declaring myself an ally, a “safe” white person, and the first comments of criticism I read made me kind of sad and upset…Which was problematic. A stranger in a comments […]


Okay, so JA is going to get a little political right now because…well, because this is how I’m choosing to deal with my election season anxiety (cute patriotic kitten pictures help, too). Here it is:  Jabberwocky Anonymous stands against Donald Trump; therefore, Jabberwocky Anonymous stands with Hillary Clinton. There, I said it. #ImWithHer. I supported […]