My Gift to You

So, things kind of suck right now. There’s a wee little puppet-man in the White House (emphasis on the “White” nowadays) like he has some kind of right to be there; he’s signing all kinds of papers no one has any business signing; “alternative facts” is now a thing; and there’s been some creepy, insidious censorship […]

…Because Batman

There have been lots of articles popping up about the Safety Pin lately, some positive and some negative. Honestly, I jumped at the chance of declaring myself an ally, a “safe” white person, and the first comments of criticism I read made me kind of sad and upset…Which was problematic. A stranger in a comments […]


Okay, so JA is going to get a little political right now because…well, because this is how I’m choosing to deal with my election season anxiety (cute patriotic kitten pictures help, too). Here it is:  Jabberwocky Anonymous stands against Donald Trump; therefore, Jabberwocky Anonymous stands with Hillary Clinton. There, I said it. #ImWithHer. I supported […]

The Day That I Was Alice

This week, my brain is like, “Hey, V.S.! It’s time for some crazy-ass emotional turmoil! Ready or not, here it comes!” I’ve been dealing with some residual effects of long-term emotional abuse, and it’s frakking scary to realize and acknowledge just how much I’m hurting, how vulnerable I am, and how it’s affecting me and my relationships […]

Literary Lovers

As of today, I have been legally married to my spouse-creature for six years. We’ve been together for nine years, and I’ve loved him for ten. We’ve been through a lot of crazy shit, and I have no doubt that there is more on the way because…that’s life? And I’m okay with that because we’ve […]