Aesthetics vs. Agenda, Story Vs. Sermon

I don’t readily engage in discussions of faith other than to explain my rather erratic religious background. I’m fine with the “where I’ve been” stuff, but the “where I am now” bit is just…Meh. Don’t ask, and I won’t unleash a horde of expletives and rude hand gestures at you. I don’t like to talk […]

Much Ado About V-Day

So, my lovely readers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  I work retail, so I get to watch the increasingly frantic search for cards, candies, cute teddy bears. You know what else, though, is also being brought up more and more often in conversation? That damn Fifty Shades of Grey movie that’s coming out […]

“Aha!” Moments

Hello again, my lovely readers. Between sickness, travel, more sickness, and work it has been quite a while since I’ve written. In my absence, I have been working to finish my NaNo 2014 (still not quite there), exercising my atrophied social muscles, and reading stuff that doesn’t exactly make me get out my notebook and […]

Last Month…

So…I haven’t posted anything since Halloween; I have been silent for over a month. There is a reason. There IS an explanation, and it isn’t a lame one like, “Oh…My work schedule has been insane, and I just can’t…” There’s a reason that I’m actually proud of. Are you ready? Are you ready for me […]

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween, Readers!!!! Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday. I don’t have any parties or plans lined up this year other than dressing up at work and making special treats for friends and coworkers, but I’m still full of that end-of-October joy! I just can’t help it! The town I’ve moved to is very enthusiastic […]

OMG! I had another birthday!

Well, another year and another freakish accident to survive, and I have made it to my 25th birthday! Five and twenty, five squared, a quarter of a century…That is quite a number, and I’m very pleased to have made it this far. It kinda sucked that my birthday fell on a Monday and I had […]

Conspiracy Theories: Sheroes (Part II a)

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m white.  I am a privileged white woman who doesn’t have a frakking clue about what it’s like to be a woman of colour in the United States (in the 1920’s or otherwise).  I’m still educating myself about race and how to discuss it effectively; what I […]