The Day That I Was Alice

This week, my brain is like, “Hey, V.S.! It’s time for some crazy-ass emotional turmoil! Ready or not, here it comes!” I’ve been dealing with some residual effects of long-term emotional abuse, and it’s frakking scary to realize and acknowledge just how much I’m hurting, how vulnerable I am, and how it’s affecting me and my relationships […]

Literary Lovers

As of today, I have been legally married to my spouse-creature for six years. We’ve been together for nine years, and I’ve loved him for ten. We’ve been through a lot of crazy shit, and I have no doubt that there is more on the way because…that’s life? And I’m okay with that because we’ve […]

Fangirl Moment!

A few days ago, the Spouse-Creature found out through Twitter that Kevin Hearne was visiting a nearby bookstore. Staked, the latest addition to The Iron Druid Chronicles just came out, so the author is on tour giving talks and signing copies. I had yesterday off, so, after sleeping in disgustingly late, we headed off to the event! […]

When Harry Met Tori

When I first met Harry Dresden, we didn’t get along very well. There were two things that made me hesitant to like the series too much. The first, and the easier to dismiss, concerned the negative things a (once) good friend and her spouse had to say about them. They complained about formulaic plot lines and […]