Last Month…

So…I haven’t posted anything since Halloween; I have been silent for over a month. There is a reason. There IS an explanation, and it isn’t a lame one like, “Oh…My work schedule has been insane, and I just can’t…” There’s a reason that I’m actually proud of. Are you ready? Are you ready for me […]

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween, Readers!!!! Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday. I don’t have any parties or plans lined up this year other than dressing up at work and making special treats for friends and coworkers, but I’m still full of that end-of-October joy! I just can’t help it! The town I’ve moved to is very enthusiastic […]

OMG! I had another birthday!

Well, another year and another freakish accident to survive, and I have made it to my 25th birthday! Five and twenty, five squared, a quarter of a century…That is quite a number, and I’m very pleased to have made it this far. It kinda sucked that my birthday fell on a Monday and I had […]

Conspiracy Theories: Sheroes (Part II a)

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m white.  I am a privileged white woman who doesn’t have a frakking clue about what it’s like to be a woman of colour in the United States (in the 1920’s or otherwise).  I’m still educating myself about race and how to discuss it effectively; what I […]

Summer Reading

So, in all of this time I’ve spent slacking off and avoiding the Conspiracy Theories series, I’ve actually been doing stuff.  No, I haven’t just been binging on Netflix, painting my nails, and killing Darkspawn…Okay maybe a little, but I have explored the library so close to my new far, far away castle!  I have […]

Conspiracy Theories: Sheroes (Part I b)

I love gender-bending.  Absolutely love it.  Whether it’s for personal aesthetics and expression or to pass as a dude to gain certain privileges, it’s freaking awesome.  I mentioned in Sheroes (Part I a) that I have never quite fit the mold for femininity, so (having been raised to think of gender in binary terms) I […]